Fr. Brad and Fr. Matt were inspirational with their powerful preaching and beautiful music. They shared encounters of the Gospel through story, song and ritual while reminding us that we are LOVED, HEALED, ANOINTED.   Their impeccable preaching and musical timing kept the assembly engaged throughout each evening.


The best description of a disciple I’ve heard: “Someone who has had an encounter with Jesus, has been changed by the Holy Spirit and chooses to follow God”.

Fr. Brad & Fr. Matt were easy to work with.  They learned the flavor of the parish so they could personalize the Mission to the parish’s charisms.  It was a joy spending time with them.

Comments from attendees:                                                                                                                 

“When are they coming back?”                                                                                                                         

“I was contemplating leaving the Catholic Church until I attended the Parish Mission”                          “Fr. Matt sure knows how to grab your attention with his captivating preaching!”                              “When is Fr. Brad going to cut a CD of his music?”                                                                                          “Best Parish Mission I’ve been to in 10 years!”

Beth Cartner

Director of Parish Faith Formation

St. Scholastica Parish, Woodridge, IL

Praise God for Arise Preaching!  Fr. Matt and Fr. Brad are a dynamic team that had our parishioners fully engaged each night of our Lenten Mission.  Their mixture of preaching and songs inspired our parishioners and lifted their spirits!  This was our first multi-night mission in a number of years.  Our numbers grew each night as parishioners brought family and friends to enjoy the mission with them!


Fr. Francis Bitterman


Saint Josaphat Parish, Chicago, IL