Mission Order of Worship

Call to Worship


Gathering Song

Opening Prayer


Reflection Song

Word and Song Preaching

Ritual Action

Our Father and Sign of Peace

Closing Prayer

Sending Forth

Mission Topics

We are more than happy to work to craft a mission that fits the vision of your parish community. We find that missions that are tailored to the reality of your community have the biggest impact and bring the most life. We look forward to being creative with you in crafting just the right experience for your community. 



Each talk can be delivered individually or as a part of a multi-day mission or retreat. 

The stories of the Gospel will come alive through story and song as we embark on a journey of discipleship to remind us that we are LOVED. HEALED. ANOINTED. This mission affords us an opportunity to set away some time to root ourselves more deeply in relationship with Christ and challenge us to live our lives day to day rooted in God’s love. We experience God’s love through the waters of baptism, we are healed through the mercy of reconciliation and we are anointed for our appointed journey to preach the Good News.




The love of God never fails! God is love, the source of love, and constantly shares love with each of us. God looks at each of us with profound love…although there are times when we don’t feel worthy of being loved. Maybe you’ve struggled to accept God’s love, or maybe you question how God can love you, or maybe you struggle to love someone in your life. As we reflect together on the gift of love you will be invited to place yourself in a position to receive the love God has for you. St. Paul rightly reminds us that the love of God “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all thing, endures all things!” You are worthy of love and the love God has for you never runs out. As disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to share the love of God in our world today!




Join us as we reflect together on the story of the dry bones from the Book of Ezekiel. This scene reminds us of the great promise that God makes that each of us can experience new life. We have all been through something on this journey of life, and sometimes what we face hurts us. Family, relationships, work, finances, friends…all sources of great joy, but can also be sources of trial. God asks a profound question: “Can these dry bones live again?” God has the power to heal, to help us live again! As disciples of Jesus Christ we are given the gift of the Holy Spirit so that we too can be ministers of healing. God isn’t done with you!




In the Gospel of Mark there is a story of a woman who anoints Jesus with expensive perfume. Some of the disciples question her motives, but Jesus sees how deep her faith is. In fact, Jesus praises her for sharing this gift with him. She gave the finest gift she could, an alabaster jar full of oil. She anoints Jesus with this healing balm, a beautiful gesture that shows her deep love for Jesus. As disciples of Jesus, we are called to give the best gift we have: our very lives! We are invited in the ordinary moments of life to allow ourselves to be poured out. Through our Baptism, we have been anointed with gift of the Holy Spirit and we were set on a mission. Our mission is to announce the Good News of Jesus by using our very selves as a witness to the power of God’s love. We might initially say “not me Lord,” but the story of this holy woman reminds us that instead we should say “USE ME LORD!” Your life is a gift of God’s love!



Each talk can be delivered individually or as a part of a multi-day mission or retreat.